Taken Innocence

How could you sit there and watch him hurt me. i was innocent and had done nothing wrong. I didnt deserve to get treated badly because you couldnt find love. So why did i have to suffer? When i cried out for help why didnt you help me?  How could walk away from me so easily and not let a tear fall? Then you gave me away as if i did something wrong. I was just a small child not knowing what was going on. I needed you the most and you gave me your ass to kiss. What did i do and why did you hate me so much?  Why couldnt we run away? Now that im older why cant you still look in my face and tell me the truth. You tell me that its all in the past to let it go but i cant. How can i let go the pain that someone who was suppose to love me let me go through? How could i let go the feeling of being less than and unwanted ? Please explain this to me. How can it be love if you dont love me back. When i think about it i cry because it hurts to kno that someone im suppose to run to wouldnt protect me when i need them the most. LOVE is no where to be found inside of me to give to you. You dont deserve my love at all. When you give me my innocence and childhood back ill give you my love. But that cant happen so it looks as if though i would never love you not even enough to make you feel as iif though your worth something. But thanks for opening my eyes and starting a path in parenthood i would never take. My child’s innocence is to precious to let someone take it away.


  1. Damn babee dis is odee deep -_- yu must got sumthin on ya mind w.e it is deep lolsx

    — I Love Yu

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