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Teen Pregnancy

SO the united states has the largest pregnancy rates in teens. Its proven that one third of females get pregnant by the age of 20. Pregnancy can affect girls in many ways but they dont notice it. Some facts on teen pregnancy are:Facts on Teen Pregnancy:
• Teenage mothers are more likely to drop out of high school
• Be and remain single parents
• Score lower in math and reading into adolescence
How do you plan on helping your child if you never finish school? Your child is going to need some type of guidance and if they can’t get it from you where are they goiin to get it from? Teens may feel as if though they have no where to turn once they become pregnant but there are many centers that are available for teens to go to talk to someone. They may even help you and guide you through your pregnancy and help you with whatever choice you make whether its abortion or to give birth. Teen pregnancy can be prevented. Whether you use condoms or practice Abstinence. Abstinence means not having sex at all. Thats the only way that guarantees no pregnancy at all. A condom can pop or if not used correctly the semen can seep through and you can still become pregnant. Some teens get what i call the “I love you” pregnancy Or the unwanted pregnancy. This is the pregnancy when a boy say a line to you and convinces you that you dont need to use a condom. Then your left pregnant and lonely.
There are many effects in teenage pregnancy such as : Premature births, Mother’s health , and social complications. The younger you are when you get pregnant the more likely it is for you to experience these issues. At the ages of 15-20 your body is not fully developed to carry a full term baby. This will result in you giving birth earlier than expected and having a premature baby. A premature baby is a baby who is under weight and/or not fully developed. The pregnancy makes your body go through many different changes such as milk development in the breast, stretching of the skin, frequent urination and vomiting. Also you may began to experience mood swings and other emotional changes due to new hormones in your body. The pregnancy can also effect how the teen socialize with others. They may began to distant themselves afraid of what others will say about them.
Not all teens want a baby so they go through with abortions and adoptions. There’s nothing wrong with abortions or adoption. But with abortion comes depression. 1 in every 10 pregnant teens has committed suicide because of an abortion. The feeling and pressure of guilt was to much for them to deal with so they committed suicide. Why kill yourself over something that could have been avoided? Adoption can also make teens feel a certain way to the point they wanna take their lives. No need to kill yourself. Even if you cant talk to someone at home you can go and visit a teen center or even call an hotline to recieve help.
No one else controls your life so dont let a pregnancy control it either. Your teenage years are suppose to be the fun years. Why ruin it with a baby? Not saying babies arent a cute bundle of joy and not saying you shouldnt have them but wait until the time is right and you know exactly what your doing. You need to make sure you are having this baby for you and not for no one else.

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That’s not my name

What happened to girls just being cute , pretty, or sexy even? Why is it that now we are bad, hunnies and skins or when we do something inappropriate we are smuts whores and sluts. Someone please tell me where this originated from. I don’t understand. These words aren’t cute. Why is it that we get disrespected by boys but we kiss the ground they walk on. Why is it that boys calls us out of our names and we still manage to “fall in love” with them. I mean they call us these things and we answer to them. So are we giving them permission to say this. As a female we shouldn’t let them call us that. I mean we take it as a compliment so do we give them permission to continue. I mean we call boys by their name and we are everything but our names. We think its cute but little do we know they are talking about us behind our backs. If we let them start with the small things what makes you think they wont escalate. We need to put our foot down and let them know we have a name. Stop just answering to anything these boys call you. We have enough issues as it is. We cant have anything to ourselves so at least let us keep our identity. During slavery we didnt have a name. We was renamed by a man. So why is it now that we have a chance to be called our name and we still letting boys rename us. When are we going to be woman and have respect for ourselves. They disrespect us because we let them. We have no clue to the meanin behind these words. We only know what they tell us it mean. LADIES please stand up for yourself and let your name b known FELLAS respect females think you have a mother.

The Real ME!!!

So people think they know me because of what they see on the outside but the real me iis on the inside. This is what you see: An 18 year old female thats always smiling ; may have her bitchy ways but always smiling. You may think im concieted and a spoiled little brat, but everyone has they opinions. Yoy may think i live the most perfect life but you g0t things wrong. Just  because im smiling dont mean im happy . It means im covering tears because i cant explain where they came from. On the inside im filled with hate, heartache , lack of trust and a whole bunch of other stuff. But if everyone thinks im so nice and happy why havent anyway taken time to actualy get to now the real me. Why when i meet someone new the first thing they say is “Tell me about yourself.” If i told you who i really was i dont think you can handle it. You took time out to sit down and figure out who all these famous people were and they dont even knw you exist. So why not take time out and see who i am. Look pass my eyes and see the tears, look pass my smile and see the frown , look pass my skin on my chest and see the heart thats in 1,000 pieces. If  I showed you  my pain and anger how quick would you wrap your arms around me me and tell me its ok? If i showed u the tears that fell frum my eyes how quick would you cry with me? If i gave you 1,000 little pieces and said here goes my heart how much time would you spend trying to figure out where each piece go. if i gave you all of me how much time would you spend trying to figure out who i really am??


Taken Innocence

How could you sit there and watch him hurt me. i was innocent and had done nothing wrong. I didnt deserve to get treated badly because you couldnt find love. So why did i have to suffer? When i cried out for help why didnt you help me?  How could walk away from me so easily and not let a tear fall? Then you gave me away as if i did something wrong. I was just a small child not knowing what was going on. I needed you the most and you gave me your ass to kiss. What did i do and why did you hate me so much?  Why couldnt we run away? Now that im older why cant you still look in my face and tell me the truth. You tell me that its all in the past to let it go but i cant. How can i let go the pain that someone who was suppose to love me let me go through? How could i let go the feeling of being less than and unwanted ? Please explain this to me. How can it be love if you dont love me back. When i think about it i cry because it hurts to kno that someone im suppose to run to wouldnt protect me when i need them the most. LOVE is no where to be found inside of me to give to you. You dont deserve my love at all. When you give me my innocence and childhood back ill give you my love. But that cant happen so it looks as if though i would never love you not even enough to make you feel as iif though your worth something. But thanks for opening my eyes and starting a path in parenthood i would never take. My child’s innocence is to precious to let someone take it away.


Choosing Sides

ohkaiie so theres this situation and im not to sure what to do .. so theres this boy i like we’re gonna kall hym(boy) me and boy started off as best friends no harm in that rite… welll ur rong… we both caught feelings… i had a boyfriend and he was single i wasnt tryna get with him even though feelings were there…so he begans talking to my friiend and its like i kno everything that goes on in thiis relationship and it kills me to kno dat he;s wit someone else but what can i do…but i speak to his girlfriend daily and guilt runs thru me wen i tlk to her and think about him..but what shud i do … shud i tell her the truth or keep this frum her and still flirt with him like crazee.. i mean i did have him first ugh idk what to do.

The point of my blog

so i basically made my blog to post my inner thoughts kind of like a diary..but not to personally. i will post as many different things happy in my life. So think of it as a diary of a teenager who experience many things. Such as love , pain , friendships, heart break. imma even post some of  my poems so i hope u enjoy my blog.