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Walking out

How you tell me u love me and tell her you love her in the same breath; I thought I would your one and only but I guess I’m that Someone Else; The thought of her having you when I work so hard on you ; our arguments mean more then our conversations ; our iHateyou’s mean more than our iLoveyou’s ; she was suppose to be a thing of the past but instead it’s me leaving ; all I have is memories ; memories of the good and bad times ; as I walk away ii hold on to the laughs tears and iLoveyou’s ; the days when ill call you for nothing are now gone ; the piece of your heart that I once held left when you said that you love her ; As I walk it feels like shackles holdin me back ; I never said walking out your life would be easy; I neva said it would be painless; damn I swear ill miss everything from the way you kissed me to the way you held me ; the way you pulled my hair when it was just you and I ; To walk on pins and needles to get to you and only end up in fire ; my heart is an organ that heals on its own but my feelings are here to stay ; why was is it so easy to fall in love wit u but so hard to fall outta love with you ; this is a journey I didn’t wanna take ; but I’m Walking Away



Unanswered questions

What I don’t understand is how you can make me mad to the point where I’m about to cry but I still love you? How can u stop speaking to me but I hit you up everyday? How is it that I could not see you one day and I miss you like crazy? How is it that I have so many options but no matter how many questions I’m ask the answer is always you? How is it that when I think I have the courage to leave I think about you with someone else and change my mind? How is it that I could write my feelings down put become stuck when its time to comfront you? How is it that you could tell me 1000 lies and I believe everyone of them? How is it that you could tell me you care about me but can’t say you love me? How is it that when your around your all I think about but when ur not ii feel like my world is over? How is it that I rather sit home waiting for you to come see me than go out with my friends? How is it that you could go out and I donr rhink your cheating? How is it that I don’t have 2 to say a word and you know how I feel and what I want? How is it that I give you my heart without hestitation? How is it that your my everything in only 4 months? How is it that we have sex and no feelings have changed? How is it that I could say I iove you and you can’t say it back ?


A Crime

I sit up early in the mornin and think if what I’m about to do is right. To take someones life ; isn’t that murder. Oh well I guess imma murderer and your just as guilty as me for having some say. As I get dress I hesitate. Thinking about this crime but times is hard so imma do it. As I sit around and wait I get nervous. My palms sweat and I begin to shake. What if my life would have been taken then what? Finally I go in to make the move. I lay down on the table and they stick me with a needle and then I’m sleep. I wake up lights to bright head is spinning but I did it. I get up and all I see is blood. I get help and clean can’t leave no evidence. All of a sudden I get a sharp pain. From what though is it guilt? Who knows. I made a promise ill never take another life but here I am in the abortion clinic once again !