Walking out

How you tell me u love me and tell her you love her in the same breath; I thought I would your one and only but I guess I’m that Someone Else; The thought of her having you when I work so hard on you ; our arguments mean more then our conversations ; our iHateyou’s mean more than our iLoveyou’s ; she was suppose to be a thing of the past but instead it’s me leaving ; all I have is memories ; memories of the good and bad times ; as I walk away ii hold on to the laughs tears and iLoveyou’s ; the days when ill call you for nothing are now gone ; the piece of your heart that I once held left when you said that you love her ; As I walk it feels like shackles holdin me back ; I never said walking out your life would be easy; I neva said it would be painless; damn I swear ill miss everything from the way you kissed me to the way you held me ; the way you pulled my hair when it was just you and I ; To walk on pins and needles to get to you and only end up in fire ; my heart is an organ that heals on its own but my feelings are here to stay ; why was is it so easy to fall in love wit u but so hard to fall outta love with you ; this is a journey I didn’t wanna take ; but I’m Walking Away


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