Why is it that so many people are homophobic? Its nothing to be scared of everyone is still human no matter who they chose to date. Homophobia by the way is the fear or the discrimination against gay people. Sometimes people act as if though homosexuals are diseased people. They don’t run from us so why run from them. Do you ever think about the fact that they do have feelings. How would you feel if you were with you opposite sex partner and a homosexual made faces and whispered things about you and your relationship? I didnt think so. You have to think of them as humans not animals. A frequently asked question is ‘Are people born gay?’ Well there’s no real answer to that question. Your sexual preference is not determined at birth. You are born “neutral.” As you get older you determine your sexual preference.

Now many may not know but sexuality and sexual preference are two different things. Your sexuality is another word for your  gender or your sex (male or female).Now your sexual preference is what sex you prefer to be with simple huh? so i hope i got that out the way for you guys. Gay, lesbian, bisexual , etc also would fall under your sexual preference. Well that would be the title of whatever you chose to be.

However, once people [teenagers] discover their sexual preference they find it hard to tell their parents. Probably afraid to get rejected or began to feel unwanted. But here’s no safe way to really come out to your parents. My best advice is to find out on your own. Or maybe you can talk to someone else thats close to you so you wont feel alone. You can also ask other gave friends how they went about tell their parents that they are gay.

Why do homosexuals have such a hard time getting married? Who is the government tell people who they can and cannot marry? The discrimination against homosexuals must stop. It’s not fair to make them feel as if though they are less than because of who they chose to be with. The percentage of suicide in the gay community is very high. This needs o end now they are human just like us. Have a heart.


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