A Crime

I sit up early in the mornin and think if what I’m about to do is right. To take someones life ; isn’t that murder. Oh well I guess imma murderer and your just as guilty as me for having some say. As I get dress I hesitate. Thinking about this crime but times is hard so imma do it. As I sit around and wait I get nervous. My palms sweat and I begin to shake. What if my life would have been taken then what? Finally I go in to make the move. I lay down on the table and they stick me with a needle and then I’m sleep. I wake up lights to bright head is spinning but I did it. I get up and all I see is blood. I get help and clean can’t leave no evidence. All of a sudden I get a sharp pain. From what though is it guilt? Who knows. I made a promise ill never take another life but here I am in the abortion clinic once again !

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