Teen Pregnancy

SO the united states has the largest pregnancy rates in teens. Its proven that one third of females get pregnant by the age of 20. Pregnancy can affect girls in many ways but they dont notice it. Some facts on teen pregnancy are:Facts on Teen Pregnancy:
• Teenage mothers are more likely to drop out of high school
• Be and remain single parents
• Score lower in math and reading into adolescence
How do you plan on helping your child if you never finish school? Your child is going to need some type of guidance and if they can’t get it from you where are they goiin to get it from? Teens may feel as if though they have no where to turn once they become pregnant but there are many centers that are available for teens to go to talk to someone. They may even help you and guide you through your pregnancy and help you with whatever choice you make whether its abortion or to give birth. Teen pregnancy can be prevented. Whether you use condoms or practice Abstinence. Abstinence means not having sex at all. Thats the only way that guarantees no pregnancy at all. A condom can pop or if not used correctly the semen can seep through and you can still become pregnant. Some teens get what i call the “I love you” pregnancy Or the unwanted pregnancy. This is the pregnancy when a boy say a line to you and convinces you that you dont need to use a condom. Then your left pregnant and lonely.
There are many effects in teenage pregnancy such as : Premature births, Mother’s health , and social complications. The younger you are when you get pregnant the more likely it is for you to experience these issues. At the ages of 15-20 your body is not fully developed to carry a full term baby. This will result in you giving birth earlier than expected and having a premature baby. A premature baby is a baby who is under weight and/or not fully developed. The pregnancy makes your body go through many different changes such as milk development in the breast, stretching of the skin, frequent urination and vomiting. Also you may began to experience mood swings and other emotional changes due to new hormones in your body. The pregnancy can also effect how the teen socialize with others. They may began to distant themselves afraid of what others will say about them.
Not all teens want a baby so they go through with abortions and adoptions. There’s nothing wrong with abortions or adoption. But with abortion comes depression. 1 in every 10 pregnant teens has committed suicide because of an abortion. The feeling and pressure of guilt was to much for them to deal with so they committed suicide. Why kill yourself over something that could have been avoided? Adoption can also make teens feel a certain way to the point they wanna take their lives. No need to kill yourself. Even if you cant talk to someone at home you can go and visit a teen center or even call an hotline to recieve help.
No one else controls your life so dont let a pregnancy control it either. Your teenage years are suppose to be the fun years. Why ruin it with a baby? Not saying babies arent a cute bundle of joy and not saying you shouldnt have them but wait until the time is right and you know exactly what your doing. You need to make sure you are having this baby for you and not for no one else.

research from : livestrong.com

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