That’s not my name

What happened to girls just being cute , pretty, or sexy even? Why is it that now we are bad, hunnies and skins or when we do something inappropriate we are smuts whores and sluts. Someone please tell me where this originated from. I don’t understand. These words aren’t cute. Why is it that we get disrespected by boys but we kiss the ground they walk on. Why is it that boys calls us out of our names and we still manage to “fall in love” with them. I mean they call us these things and we answer to them. So are we giving them permission to say this. As a female we shouldn’t let them call us that. I mean we take it as a compliment so do we give them permission to continue. I mean we call boys by their name and we are everything but our names. We think its cute but little do we know they are talking about us behind our backs. If we let them start with the small things what makes you think they wont escalate. We need to put our foot down and let them know we have a name. Stop just answering to anything these boys call you. We have enough issues as it is. We cant have anything to ourselves so at least let us keep our identity. During slavery we didnt have a name. We was renamed by a man. So why is it now that we have a chance to be called our name and we still letting boys rename us. When are we going to be woman and have respect for ourselves. They disrespect us because we let them. We have no clue to the meanin behind these words. We only know what they tell us it mean. LADIES please stand up for yourself and let your name b known FELLAS respect females think you have a mother.

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