Choosing Sides

ohkaiie so theres this situation and im not to sure what to do .. so theres this boy i like we’re gonna kall hym(boy) me and boy started off as best friends no harm in that rite… welll ur rong… we both caught feelings… i had a boyfriend and he was single i wasnt tryna get with him even though feelings were there…so he begans talking to my friiend and its like i kno everything that goes on in thiis relationship and it kills me to kno dat he;s wit someone else but what can i do…but i speak to his girlfriend daily and guilt runs thru me wen i tlk to her and think about him..but what shud i do … shud i tell her the truth or keep this frum her and still flirt with him like crazee.. i mean i did have him first ugh idk what to do.

    • Ronnie Drayton
    • December 19th, 2010

    Ohh so dis boy he gonna have to tell his gf and hope she understands juss kuz dey might love each otha its only right dat he does tell her and wen he does cxplain no hard feelings bekuz yu did have him 1st and yall tlked more . So he is gonna tell her how he feels and den if anythin yall stick strong together dnt have no regrets iight

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